Foaming facial cleanser that deeply cleanses the skin while respecting the microbiota. It eliminates all remnants of makeup and impurities as well as the unwanted temporary flora that accumulates during the day on the epidermis and can unbalance our skin ecosystem. 150 ml
Probiotic facial toner that refreshes, hydrates and activates the natural protection mechanism. It restores the balance of the skin flora after daily cleansing. It protects the skin ecosystem against external aggressions and strengthens the protective skin barrier. 200ml
Face and body cream that cares for the more reactive and sensitive skins. It restores the skin barrier, relieves irritations and strengthens the skin flora. This cream is especially suitable as a treatment for atopic skins with eczema and psoriasis. 100ml
Regenerating cream, rich in probiotics, that restores the balance of the skin flora. It reactivates the cell renewal of the skin, it strengthens the natural skin barrier that protects us against external harmful factors. The cream works deeply hydrating and revitalizing. 50ml
Serum that strengthens the defensive power of the skin and slows down the signs of aging. It offers the skin a more effective protection barrier. 60 capsules