Cleansing lotion specially formulated with neither fragance nor alcohol, to refresh, calm and balance the skin protecting lipidic layer which is basically for skin moisture. 250ml
Anti-redness and couperose treatment. With oat extract, anti-irritant and anti-oxidant. Gatuline A calms and unifies the skin tone. 50ml.
Mild make up remover emulsion. Removes all the make up and the excess of sebum secretions. Levaes the skin clean and moisturised. 250ml.
Super-Moisturising and calming fluid, fragance free, specially conceived for sensitive skins, with seaweed and vegetables extracts, vitamins and hyaluronic acid. 50ml
For a night time complete recovery, firming nourishing cream, fragance free. Leaves the skin smooth, comfortable and full of energy. 50ml
Specific treatment for the eye contour, a specially fragile and sensitive area. A light formula to counteract fatigue signs, dark circles and bags around the eyes. 15ml.
An absolutely new concept of cream, that mimics the laminar structure of the skin. Strengthens and repairs intensely the epidermis without emulsifyiers, stabilizers, and other chemical additives. 50ml