Purifying serum. It prevents the adherence of impurities to the skin (sweat, pollution, ...), thereby avoiding imperfections. The PH value and cell respiration of the skin are balanced. 15ml
Revitalizing serum formulated from a combination of components that protect the epidermis against external influences and symptoms of premature skin aging. 15ml
Oxygenating serum with an anti-free radical effect. The skin is protected against harmful sun rays, preventing premature skin aging. This serum also contributes to the correct oxygenation of the skin. 15ml
Firming serum with a high concentration of assets that promote the synthesis of Collagen and Elastin. The loss of firmness of the skin is reduced and the skin complexion is leveled. 15 ml
Firming cream that restores the internal structure of the skin. This visibly improves the external firmness of the skin. This happens thanks to the composition from bio-lifting and activating ingredients. The cream combats loss of firmness and expression lines. 50ml
Brightening cream that treats pigmentation spots. The cream protects the skin against harmful external influences such as pollution, smog and harmful sun rays. Exposure to the sun accelerates the appearance of pigmentation spots, uneven skin tone and texture. This serum restores, strengthens and promotes the vitality and appearance of the skin. 50ml