Deeply cleanses and prepares the skin for the application of products with AHA’s. 250ml.
Anti-wrinkle cream with AHA's, removes dead cells and stimulates cell renewal. The high concentration of Glycolic acid improves and softens the texture of the skin, eliminating the superficial layers of damaged skin. It clarifies skin tone and reduces the spots produced by the sun. Contains solar filters. 50ml
Renews the skin thanks to its double activity exfoliation-regeneration. Moisturizes and soothes the texture of the epidermis. 50 ml.
Skin Cleanser: lotion with 8% glycolic acid. Cleans the skin deeply and prepares her for application of the products with AHAs. Glycolic Cream 10: Cream with 10% Glycolic acid. Specially adapted to the thick or photo-aged skin. Also ideal for skin that needs deep regeneration.
Pack met Skin Cleanser + AHA Multi Effect