High Professional Cosmetic
Barcelona, Spain
Since 1984

About Bruno Vassari

In Barcelona, ​​the very innovative cosmetic products of Bruno Vassari have been developed for 25 years. A team of renowned chemists and researchers is working on this Spanish brand of very high level and today they are developing treatments that will be responsible for the beauty of tomorrow.

It is exactly 24 years since the entire line of Bruno Vassari was introduced in the Benelux. Many were perplexed in discovering the progressive and very innovative view of Bruno Vassari on most aesthetic problems!

Bruno Vassari's offer includes a complete range of revolutionary treatments and additional care products for professional use and for sale in beauty salons. Bruno Vassari offers special treatments for both face and body with immediate and visible results. Many professionals and consumers were amazed at discovering Bruno Vassari's progressive and innovative look for most aesthetic issues. Through training and training, knowledge and skills at the Bruno Vassari depositors are held at a high level.